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Friday, February 15



Assessment Acrobatics: Using rubrics effectively York House SS 204FULLMontanna Howe • James Weber Code It, Track It, Apply It: Breaking Through the Feedback Barrier York House JS 205FILLINGMarney Rosen Fun Mandarin teaching for second language learners York House SS 304SPACE AVAILABLEXi Chen • Yaji Liu • Michelle Mah • Rosa Yip • Shawn Zhang Important Insights Into “Sight Words” York House SS 302FULLNancy Young Metacognitive strategies for reading print or digital texts York House SS 217FILLINGSophia Hunter The Scientific Method and K-7 Science Curricular Competencies York House SS 215SPACE AVAILABLEClaire Mills Impacting students through cross-curricular, nature-based hands-on experiential learning opportunities York House JS 101FULLJason Camp Eat-Move-Dream: health & wellness combined with body-mind-spirit - EATOLOGY York House UG BentleyFILLINGShannon Nering Learning all about SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) York House SS 216 (LC)FULLBrina • Meg Chamberlin • Peter Skipper • Skyler Todd Mental Health Literacy: Strategies for Managing Mental Health in Your Classroom York House SS 305FULLSandy Bucifal • Nicola Doughty • Ly Huang Movement and Mental Health York House Dance Studio and East GymFILLINGBrooke Yantzi The SECL Toolkit: Social, emotional, and cognitive learning strategies for common classroom issues York House JS Music RmFILLINGElyse Cochrane Facilitating a Capstone Project – What I’ve Learned York House SS 310FILLINGTanya Boteju Film & Media Teacher Roundtable York House UG L StrategiesFULLJoanna Gyurkovics and Lian Anson Literacy in the Primary Years York House SS 110FILLINGLeslie Morden Provocation and an inquiry-based learning environment - a roundtable discussion York House SS 218FILLINGCeilidh Scott • Jilly Tiffin Student Life round table discussion - maximizing student experience York House SS 111SPACE AVAILABLERick Campanella Visual Support Strategies to Support Executive Function in All Learners York House SS 109FULLSukh Sandhu Spreadsheets in the Science Classroom York House SS 202SPACE AVAILABLESam Barnum • Nathan Moens • David Riendl Harkness: Core Competencies and a Growth Mindset York House SS 308FILLINGSara Sjerven The Community As Your Classroom York House SS 112FULLBruce Ford • Heather Duncan • David Barnum Digital Tools for a Primary Classroom York House SS Band RoomSPACE AVAILABLEGeoff Jones Economic Theory 12 York House JS 212SPACE AVAILABLERandy Matheson Efficient Reflection & Assessment in PHE and other Experiential Learning Classrooms York House SS 119 DramaFILLINGKatherine Atkinson Seesaw Digital Portfolios in the Elementary School Classroom York House JS 207SPACE AVAILABLEVasti Barry • Janis Severloh • Simone Smith Beyond the Single Spine: Innovating Rubric Design York House SS 307FILLINGAlexandra Lesk Embedding Self-Regulation into your Daily Practice York House JS 205FILLINGCory Howey • Jennifer Wallis Strategies for Critical and Creative Thinking York House JS 201 LCFULLAmanda Lempriere • Meg Penafiel • Andrea Ryan Student Leadership Collaboration session York House JS 106 A (Counsellor)SPACE AVAILABLECori Kusel Thinking like an Architect: Design Cycle using SketchUp for Schools York House JS 211SPACE AVAILABLETara Avenia • Patrick Macmaster Blending Subject Areas for Fun and Profit York House SS 201SPACE AVAILABLEEvan Sharp Modernizing your Grade 10-12 curriculum: practical tools for inquiry and core competencies York House JS 203SPACE AVAILABLEBrenda Ball Early Years Round table with a twist York House JS 106SPACE AVAILABLEJudy Bai • Tricia Grzybowski Intro to Animation - No Experience Required! York House SS 220FULLJoshua Gillingham Kairos Blanket Exercise York House JS 115FILLINGBonnie VanHatten ISABC Athletics Directors' Round table - only for ISAA Athletics Directors York House SS 301SPACE AVAILABLE


Assessing Experiential Learning - ISABC Action Research York House JS 208FILLINGKevin Cook Reflective learners: what does meaningful peer and self assessment look like? York House SS 216 (LC)FULLShannon Campbell • Jessica Kara Important Insights Into “Sight Words” York House SS 302FULLNancy Young Tips on using Google Maps/Earth that are 'out of this world!'' York House SS Band RoomFULLGeoff Jones Designing a Staff Wellness Program  York House SS 305FILLINGSarah Marshall Eat-Move-Dream: health & wellness combined with body-mind-spirit - MOVOLOGY York House UG BentleySPACE AVAILABLEShannon Nering How schools are approaching smartphones York House JS 101FILLINGRichard Primrose Physical Literacy through Dance workshop description York House Dance StudioFILLINGBrooke Yantzi Wellness at the Core of Learning York House SS 303SPACE AVAILABLEErin Kline Exploring Core Competencies in the World of K-2 learners York House SS 310SPACE AVAILABLENicole Ottahal Sharing Strategies for Effective “Harkness” Teaching in Social Studies (8-12) York House SS 304FILLINGChristina Cuk • Chris Griffith • Mike Ripley Women and work York House Qin Board RmFULLElizabeth Moore Appreciating Chinese Culture over the Millenia York House SS 217SPACE AVAILABLEHershy He • Vivian Yu The Intersection of Scientific Thinking, Inquiry, & Content Milestones York House SS 205FILLINGRoss Petersen The role of the brain in a healthy workplace York House JS Music RmFULLTerry Small Moving from Craft to Creativity York House SS 221 (Art room)FULLNicola Read Teaching to Meet the Needs of High Potential/High Ability Learners York House SS 215FILLINGLindsay Foster • Yuko Keene • Jamie Morris Sparking Creativity and Problem Solving in STEAM K-5 York House SS 218SPACE AVAILABLEStephanie Davis • Cristina Leo • Claire Lin Teaching skills and competencies: practical ideas York House SS 111SPACE AVAILABLEMichael Moore Teacher Wellness and Mental Health: Building Your Resiliency York House TheatreSPACE AVAILABLEAshley Bryden • Grant Ozechowski Thoughts and ideas on the new curriculum York House SS 112SPACE AVAILABLERandy Matheson Developing Critical thinking in Math in the MYP York House JS 207SPACE AVAILABLEDenise Brabban • Feda Ghaleb Let's Talk SOGI 1 2 3: Counsellors Roundtable York House SS 110SPACE AVAILABLEKrista Scaligine • Chanelle Tye Teaching Algorithmic Thinking York House SS 202SPACE AVAILABLERon Ouwerkerk ADST Junior School Teachers Come Together to Collaborate and Innovate York House JS 116SPACE AVAILABLEKaren Birchenall • Jennifer Sharpe Incorporating practical film/video projects in your classroom York House UG L StrategiesSPACE AVAILABLELian Anson


Building and Solidifying Number Fluency in the Early Intermediate Grades York House SS 310SPACE AVAILABLESaloni Dholakia Expressive Arts in the Classroom York House JS 208FULLHeather Korlak Important Insights Into “Sight Words” York House SS 302FULLNancy Young Inspire, Engage, & Transform Through Language Learning & Culture Exploration York House SS 204FILLINGPing Li Interdisciplinary Resources to Support the New K-9 BC Curriculum York House JS 106FULLPam McMartin • Jaya Van Praagh Teaching math through global water issues York House JS 205FULLDarryl Lee • Alice Tosic Teaching to Learn: Using Cross-Aged Pairings to Teach Students to Teach Others York House JS 204SPACE AVAILABLELauren Bell The Locker Problem York House JS 203SPACE AVAILABLEMelissa Herman • Simon Ng Dangerous Devices? The benefits of Mobile Phones in the classroom York House SS Band RoomFULLGeoff Jones Designing a Staff Wellness Program  York House SS 305SPACE AVAILABLESarah Marshall Developing a Mentorship Program - Experiences From Year 1 York House SS 308SPACE AVAILABLEJudy Chapman • Sara Sjerven Eat-Move-Dream: health & wellness combined with body-mind-spirit - BELIEVOLOGY York House UG BentleySPACE AVAILABLEShannon Nering Mental Health & Well-being: An Important Conversation York House JS 212FULLMegan Collins • Heather Nolan Wood Movement and Mental Health York House East GymSPACE AVAILABLEBrooke Yantzi Adjudications and the Updated Ministry Expectations (round table) York House SS 303SPACE AVAILABLEErin Kline Discussion Summative Assessment Practices York House JS 101FILLINGTravis Thielmann Innovation and Progress in LGBTQ2+ inclusivity York House JS 202SPACE AVAILABLESkyler Todd IT Infrastructure in Western Canadian K-12: An Exhaustive Study York House SS 307SPACE AVAILABLEDr. Peter Holowka Math Roundtable for Grade 6-9 Teachers York House SS 217SPACE AVAILABLEClaire Mills New Languages curricula: Exploring the challenges and sharing best practices York House SS 203SPACE AVAILABLEIgor Bilykh • Patrice Dixon • Jonathan Mergui • Uyen Ta • Rhea Lofstrom • Ashley Miller-Bouchard PE Roundtable York House Qin Board RmFILLINGJames Gardiner The Futures Project: transforming disruptions into innovations that shape the future of schools York House SS 216 (LC)FILLINGBob Snowden The Challenges and Opportunities of Integrating Experiential Learning: sharing our successes and seeking support York House SS 205FILLINGSarah McLean Expanding Your Fine Arts Program with ADST! York House SS 220SPACE AVAILABLERebecca Clausen • Louise Huneck • Dr. Michael Keddy • Ana Straus Increasing female participation in male-dominated fields: the latest research. York House JS 211SPACE AVAILABLEAnne Bonnycastle Integrating Indigenous resources into the classroom York House JS 201 LCFILLINGChas Desjarlais • Karen Webb Assessing in the Know/Do/Understand Framework (8-12) York House SS 304FULLNatalie Chow • Christina Cuk • Chris Griffith • Mike Ripley